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How does soap work?



LEMONGRASS BUBBLY SOAP -- All Natural Handmade...

LEMONGRASS BUBBLY SOAP — All Natural Handmade Organic Soap — Cold process bar soap with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Photo credit: pabadoo)

Soap, defined as an alkali salt of fatty acids, which when it is dissolved in water has the ability to remove dirt from surfaces. The soap molecules contain a water-insoluble part (hydrophobic) or fatty acid or long chain carbon group. This part attaches itself to the surface and to dirt. It also has a water-soluble part (hydrophilic) that attaches itself to water. The process of cleaning a surface begins with first wetting the soiled surface. Soap can aid in this by decreasing the surface tension of water. A layer of soap is absorbed at the boundary of the surface and water, and the soil and water. Often there is a thin layer of oil that adheres dirt to a surface. Soap aided by warm water and agitation, will break up dirt and this oily layer, if present, and disperse the dirt into the wash water. The soap will then form a colloid that will prevent the  dirt from re-depositing on the surface so that the dirt can be rinsed away in wash water.


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