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Product Review: Design Craft Industries Soap Molds

When I first decided to make soap I went mold shopping. A lot of the molds that I found were expensive, too expensive for a hobby that I didn’t know whether or not I would stick with. I could have used card board boxes (in fact my first mold was a cardboard box but it wasn’t sturdy), yogurt containers, or paper cups, which make good molds, but I stumbled upon some inexpensive molds on Etsy. The store name is Design Craft Industries and the owner is a man named Mick Socall. He makes handcrafted wooden boxes. I initially bought these molds thinking that I would use them as starter molds and upgrade later but they are so well crafted that I haven’t had to purchase a more expensive mold. I really have nothing negative to say about these molds. I have the 1-2 pound mold that I use for testing new soap recipes. I also have the 2-3 pound and 4-5 pound molds. I also like the fact that I could support a small business. Bottom line, I would purchase molds from Design Craft Industries again.

Note: I paid for these molds with my own money (I still have the receipt). I was not asked to do this review by anyone.

CP Loaf Soap Molds

Design Craft Industries Soap Molds


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