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Product Review: Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In Conditioner

*I received this product for free in a grab bag at a natural hair meet up. No one from Karen’s Body Beautiful has contacted me requesting a review.

Karen’s Body Beautiful was founded in 2003 by Karen Tappin-Saunderson. It began as a home based business that now has its product line in some Target stores, a storefront in Brooklyn, NY and a spa. The products are made from natural ingredients.

Karen's Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In Conditioner

Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In Conditioner

Product: Sweet Ambrosia Leave-in Conditioner

What I want: I am looking for a leave-in conditioner that will leave my hair moisturized for several days. I do not want to have to re-moisturize my hair everyday.

Duration of use: 3 weeks

Attributes: All natural ingredients. Watery consistency. No parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oil, etc…

Pros: I have the Pomegranate Guava scent and it smells amazing!

Cons: Did not moisturize my hair. I used the product as directed. For the first use, I applied it to freshly washed damp hair. I did not seal in with an oil because I wanted to see how the product would work on my kinky afro textured hair by itself. No moisture was retained. My hair was bone dry. The next technique I used to apply this product was applying it on freshly washed hair, and this time I sealed with an oil followed by a cream product. While my hair was not as dry as the first usage, I still had to re-moisturize the next day and it left my hair rough to the touch. The next method I used to apply this product was to apply to it damp hair immediately before stepping into a hot shower (I take 20-30 minute showers). This is a technique that I use in the winter when applying products that have glycerin in them. I again sealed with an oil and cream product. I got the best results using this method and my hair retained moisture longer.

Cost: $16.00 USD per 8.5 oz/250 mL (approximately $1.88/oz)

Final Thoughts: I would not purchase this product. It did not moisturize my hair at all. I have other leave-in conditioners that do a better job for my hair. This may work better for wavy or curly texture or if you have a different need or expectation for the product, such as using it as a detangler. I will try other products from their line and see how those work for me.


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