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Licorice Whip

I recently got the opportunity to provide some handmade soap for the natural hair meet up Curly! for Kids and Teens. It was a great event hosted by Candace K. with two special presenters Tameeka McNeil-Johnson, a NYC natural hair stylist, and Lavett Ballard, a local artist and author of “In Mama’s Shoes”. Tameeka gave some great tips and advice on caring for natural hair. She also did a couple of demos on audience members (one young lady decided to big chop right then and there). Lavett spoke on her new book, “In Mama’s Shoes”, about a young girl who gets to experience parts of her mother’s life by putting on her shoes. Below are pictures from the event and a video of me making the test batch of the soap. I call it Licorice Whip because it smells like licorice.

Taking the train back home.

Taking the train back home.

My feet. LOL

My feet. LOL


Big Chop

Big Chop

Handmade gift bags

Handmade gift bags

Licorice Whip Soap

Licorice Whip Soap



2 comments on “Licorice Whip

  1. Stephanie Hawkes
    August 25, 2013

    YAY! Custom soap stamp!!

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