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Product Review: Oreck Steam-it Steam Wand

**I purchased this product with my own money and no one from Oreck contacted me requesting a review.

In my attempt to live a more natural lifestyle I decided to purchase the Oreck Steam IT steam wand.

Product: Oreck Steam-it

Oreck Steam IT

Oreck Steam IT

What I want: I am looking for away to clean my floors and bathroom wall tiles without the use of a chemical. Using the typical products at the local box store also means there is usually a plastic bottle to throw away.


My usual cleaning solution.

Pros:  The Steam-it is light weight, easy to assemble and is ready within seconds to use.  Does not require the use of chemicals to clean. It cleans with steam. The steam is hot enough to loosen grim on floors and to also disinfect.

Cons: It was very difficult to move back and forth across the floor. I am a relatively healthy person and if I had trouble I can only imagine what someone with a chronic illness or disability would have in operating it. It did get easier as I mopped because the towel got wetter and there seemed to be less friction between the floor and the clothe.

Cost: The Steam-it cost $179.99 on the Oreck site and $149.99 on the Target site (it is only available on-line at Target), but I purchased from Target when there was temporary price mark down for $127.49.

Final Thoughts: I am glad that I purchased this product. It is still difficult to move across the floor but I think I just need to get used to using the product. The grout on the kitchen floor is much cleaner now!


2 comments on “Product Review: Oreck Steam-it Steam Wand

  1. Stephanie Hawkes
    August 25, 2013

    Maybe the dragging has to do with the type of cloth the pad is made out of. Or it may be that the cover is too thin? Do you sew, knit, or crochet? If so, you could maybe experiment with making your own covers out of different materials. I made different versions of reusable Swiffer pads for my wet jet. I made covers out of terry cloth, micro-fiber cloths, and acrylic yarn. They don’t trap dirt the way the disposable pads do, but it’s better than throwing something away every time I clean the floor.

    • lololi740
      August 31, 2013

      It may have to do with the type of cloth. I’ve been using the smooth textured cloth but this weekend I’m going to use the textured cloth to see if there is any difference. I must say it does clean rather well though. I don’t sew or anything but you can clip any type of cloth that you want to use to the machine. You can use a regular towel with it.

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