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Formulating Shampoo Bars

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This is just a quick post about the shampoo bars that I am working on.

As you can see I have kinky Afro textured hair. My hair and scalp are dry, and my hair strands are very fine. My method for shampooing my hair is to start with a clarifying shampoo and then follow with a moisturizing shampoo. If my hair is particularly dirty I will do two washes with a clarifying shampoo, or if my hair is really dry then I do two washes with the moisturizing shampoo.

Pic of Afro textured hair

Pic of my hair

My Afro textured hair

My Afro textured hair








Regardless of a particular function, I want my shampoo to be made from high quality ingredients first and foremost. As for a clarifying shampoo, I want that shampoo to remove product build up, excess sebum, hair soil, etc… without completely drying out my hair. I also want a clarifying shampoo to stimulate my scalp because this is the step in the process where I in massage my scalp the most. When I use the moisturizing shampoo I don’t massage my scalp that much. I focus on working the shampoo into my hair strands not scrubbing. I use moisturizing shampoos as the first step in putting moisture into my hair. My hair does best with mid to heavy oils. My hair laughs off lightweight oils. I only use them in the summer when it’s too hot and humid to use the heavier oils.

Some of the ingredients that I am working with are:

Coconut Oil

Camellia Seed Oil


Rhassoul Clay

Castor Oil

Aloe Vera Juice

Goat’s Milk

Rice bran Oil

Ingredients for Shampoo Bars

Ingredients for Shampoo Bars


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