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Formulating Shampoo Bars

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Several weeks ago I started making shampoo bars. The first two that I am going to review today are the clarifying bar and the moisturizing bar.

The Clarifier

What I wanted to get out of it: I put my hair into protective styles a lot. That means that I get a lot of product build up along with excess sebum, dead skin cells, excess oils, etc… I wanted to make a bar that would remove the hair soil without stripping my hair completely. I also wanted a bar that would stimulate my scalp as I shampoo.

What I achieved: I spent 4-6 months researching ingredients and ratios prior to making the bars. One thing that I noted from people who had either tried shampoo bars and/or made shampoo bars was that bars that were high in coconut oil caused some people’s hair to feel like “straw”. Coconut oil is high in lauric acid, which can create a great lather but be harsh also. So this bar does have a higher amount of coconut oil but it’s not excessive. Normally on the first wash, when my hair has a lot of  buildup, my hair eats up the shampoo. It looks like didn’t put any shampoo on my hair at all, but this did not happen on the first wash using the shampoo bar. Also, it didn’t strip my hair. I added olive oil, Kokum butter and few other conditioning oils to try to balance out the effects of the coconut oil. This bar also has rosemary and peppermint essential oils (and a couple of others). I selected these oils because I they are antiseptic, antimicrobial and stimulating.

The Moisturizer

What I wanted to get out of it: I want to use this bar as the first step in putting moisture back into my hair, especially after washing with the clarifying shampoo.

What I achieved: When I use this bar I don’t scrub my scalp. I focus on my hair and getting the lather into my hair from root to tip. I used cocoa buttershea butter, castor oil and a few others. When I put my recipe through a soap calculator it received a 14 out of a recommended range of 12-22 for cleansing, and 59 out of a recommended range of 44-69 for conditioning. My hair was easy to comb, didn’t feel dry, and no tangles.

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