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Product Review: Apollo by Hi-Tec

It’s been too cold to go for walks. Before it got too cold for walks I was breaking in my Apollo Hi-Tec walking shoes.

Apollo by Hi-Tec

What I’m looking for: A durable, comfortable, fall/winter walking shoe. I want a structured shoe that can stand up to rain and snow with a non-slip sole. While I do live in the Great Northeast, New York City typically doesn’t have brutal, cold and snowy winters (compared to Michigan where I am from. This year has been an exception though) so it is possible to still take long walks in the winter months. I also have some great Patagonia boots for when there is snow on the ground.

Apollo by Hi-TEC

Pros: They’re my second favorite walking shoe. Plenty of room in the toe box, which I love. I hate shoes that pinch my toes. My orthotics fit inside with no problems. This is a very structured walking shoe (some walkers don’t offer a lot of support). It has a nice suede upper and keeps my feet warm. So far no slipping or sliding around on wet days. The soles of the shoes grip the surface pretty well.

Cons: Only con is that after wearing them all day or for long walks I get smelly feet. I don’t normally have smelly feet at all so that is a bit disappointing. Especially since they advertise the shoe as having Ortholite insoles that are supposed to be anti-odor.


Final thoughts: All in all I really like the shoe despite the smelly feet. I have a foot condition that requires me to wear special inserts and standing or walking for long periods of time in the wrong shoe can cause a lot of pain. I’ve been wearing these for several months and no debilitating foot pain has occurred. I give them a solid A.


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