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Product Review: Lashed by Blac Chyna

***I purchased this product with my own money and no one from this company has contacted me asking for a review.

Secretly, I love make up even though I don’t wear any most days. I really love bold colors, editorial make up. I think with make up you can create looks that range from soft and feminine to edgy. One tool to create these looks is false eyelashes. They come in a variety of styles and price ranges. You can find cheap lashes at the local BSS (Beauty Supply Store), higher end at stores like MAC and Sephora, and online. Lashed is a new brand that currently has three different styles of lashes in its line up; Ice, Treasure and Tokyo.


Cost: $12.99 each

Shipping Cost: Flat rate $10.00


When I first saw the price I scoffed. “$12.99 for eyelashes?” Then I realized that I have paid the same or more for other pairs from MAC and Make Up Forever respectively (the price point is along the lines of MAC). I really wanted to purchase these because the company is an American small business that is minority owned. So, if I could cough up $16.99 for MUF eyelashes then I could pay the $12.99. Well…they were on sale when I bought them so they were only $9.99 a pair (check the website for current pricing).

I believe the shipping is a flat $10.00. So my grand total as $39.97 for three pairs of lashes. I ordered these around 4 am on a Friday and that afternoon they sent an email to confirm my shipping address. They sent a shipping confirmation email on Saturday and my post office received them on Monday. Pretty excellent shipping. They ship from Atlanta and I live in NYC so don’t expect them to show up as quick if you live on the West Coast.

Packaging: They come wrapped in a belly band that has a picture of Blac Chyna’s eyes on them. The belly band is made out of nice card stock and is in full color, so I’m sure that added to the cost of the lashes. It’s not really necessary but it reinforces her branding before you even open the box. Once you slide the belly band off you are greeted with a small rectangular pink box with gold lettering. There is a little pull tab and a drawer slides out to reveal a clear plastic piece that the lashes are on and underneath there is another picture of the owner with her eyes closed. The effect is that she is wearing the lashes. Cute and again reinforces her brand. I like the packaging because it gives me a place to store my lashes that is a little bit more sturdy than the typical flimsy plastic case that most lashes come in. The boxes are made of a good sturdy cardboard and I’m sure can be used long after the lashes cease to be functional.



Ice Lashes: The  Ice lashes are the least dramatic and totally appropriate for the office. I think that if a person has very sparse lashes but doesn’t want an overwhelming effect, these would be a good pair. They may also be good for a young girl who wants to experiment with make up but whose parents don’t want her looking too mature. The band is nice and thin and it’s also clear.

Treasure Lashes: These are my favorites. They are not too dramatic but give a nice umf to a look. I think these are ok for broad daylight (I should say that I am an eyeglass wearer and tend to go a little heavier on the eye make up). The hairs come grouped on the band with shorter hairs on the outside and longer hairs inside (you just have to look at them to see what I’m talking about). The band on these is also clear.

Tokyo Lashes: These are super dramatic. While the lashes aren’t long they are very thick and give a Vegas Showgirl effect. The band is black and it’s rather thick (really the only negative that I have to say about them). Personally I wouldn’t wear these during the day, they are strictly night-time lashes for me.


None of the lashes come with glue, which is ok by me. I always use my own glue anyway.


Brand Variety: C+/B-

Hopefully in the near future she will release different styles in her line. I think that she has catered to different personalities with what she has released so far. I am not a Tokyo Lash girl, so I am glad that she has the Ice and Treasure lashes in her line. Someone else may love the Tokyo lashes and not be to crazy about the Ice lashes.

Cost: B+/A- 

These lashes are definitely priced in the mid to higher end range, and some may find them a little pricey but I like the quality of  the lashes themselves and I am ok with the price.

Shipping: A+

Super fast shipping.

Shipping Cost: C

If you only buy one pair it still cost $10.00 to ship. It would be great if Sephora would carry these because then I could just walk across the street and buy them. Sigh

Quality: A

I think the band on the Tokyo lashes is too thick but other than that great quality.


The Tokyo lashes paired with a set of MUF lashes. 

2 comments on “Product Review: Lashed by Blac Chyna

  1. Anahy
    September 12, 2015

    How long did you exactly wait for your eye lashes to come? I ordered 4 pair of lipsticks September 2 and still nothing /: I live in Staten Island N.Y

    • lololi740
      September 20, 2015

      I apologize for not responding sooner. I waited a bit for the package. I don’t remember how long but I do remember considering calling them to find out what happened. I think it ships our to Atlanta or Philadelphia.

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