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Product Review: Henna Sooq’s Organic Indian Rajasthani Henna

***I purchased this product with my own money and no one from Henna Sooq contacted me asking for a review.

What I want: A henna that is easy to wash out!

What I got: I began purchasing the Organic Indian Rajasthani henna from Henna Sooq a couple of years ago. Prior to that I had been going to the Western Asian section of the city and buying from a shop there. The first time I used the Rajasthani henna I noticed that it smelled different from what I had been using. It smelled fresher. It was also smoother when blended and washed out easier. This may be because it is more finely sifted than the henna that I had been buying. Rajasthani henna colors burgundy over time, but if you have really dark hair like myself you probably won’t see in normal lighting. You can do several applications of the henna, essentially layering the henna, to try to get more of a color payoff.

Henna Sooq's Organic Indian Rajasthani Henna

Cost: $7.00 USD for 100 grams from

Final Thoughts: I love this henna. I’ve been purchasing it for a couple of years and will continue to do so. I think that it’s a high quality henna an the price is good. I usually buy several packs at one time.

Tools of the Trade: I use a color application brush, gloves, and hair clips. I always start with freshly washed hair; although, you can simply dampen dry hair and then apply the henna paste.

What I use to apply henna paste.



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